2012 /35mm /color /20mins /documentary






配樂:柯智豪工作室 四重奏


“Revival” is the word that marks the breaking of dawn, the fading of
darkness and the rebirth of all living things. The 311 Earthquake hit
Japan vigorously and reminded the world what consequences nuclear
power might hold. The director followed a group of victims on their
tough ways back in life. Although the victims originally led different
lives, they all lost what was important to them in the earthquake.
However, this disaster did not bring them down. They all found new
ways through life, like singing, to ease their pain with. A year after the
hard accident, as buildings and towns are being rebuilt, hearts of the
victims are healing as well. This documentary shows the true strength
and will of the human beings. Despite the terrible misfortune, the
victims all try to stand up and keep fighting. Nevertheless, this story
also reminds us that we are actually living as one with our nature. That
should never be forgotten.


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